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About Us

Perfectly Swirly Blended Mixed Global is Heaven on Earth created for Multiracial People to Proudly Greet Their Lifestyle Proclaiming IAM Perfectly Swirly Blended Mixed and for the people who love them.

Our Brand's Message

"Elevating The Human Species"

PSBMG is for all people who connect with seeing a world where RACISM is annihilated from all human existence Globally. 

May we all live to see this global change in human consciousness.

Established on July 7th 2017, Perfectly Swirly Blended Mixed Global is an Awe-Inspired, Amazing, Awesome Luxury Lifestyle Brand and Cultural Movement, through social media, clothing, products, services and advocacy yet can be worn by EVERYONE who resonates with our message.

Our Signature Collection

Our Exclusive 30 Word Ecstasy Signature Collection is 30 of the Absolute Best words to describe our brand and the individual who dons our Clothing and incorporates our products in their everyday lifestyle.

Our elders were raised on the principle sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. In Todays' generation this old wisdom has been lost and words do hurt.

Children, Teens and Adults are committing SUICIDE at an alarming rate over WORDS. 

At PSBMG for our global clients of Kids and Adults with our Exclusive 30 Word Ecstasy Signature Collection will ignite at the conscious and subconscious level a constant visual reminder of self love, self worth, self awareness and self identity while making an indelible bold impression of envy and admiration for the beholder.

The Culture of Our Global Brands

Perfectly Swirly Blended Mixed Global @psbmg360 is a company created to celebrate, accept, nurture, uplift, love, and to honor the legacy and elevate the importance of mixed, biracial, multiracial adults and children globally and for the people that love them.

Mixed Beauty Babies 

@mixedbeautybabiesig is a magical world created for mixed, biracial, and multiracial children and their parents who raise them. 

Our Intent, To Be Your Daily Obsession!

Daily is our intention to Entertain, Educate and Empower and Elevate the importance of Perfectly Swirly Blended Mixed Kids, globally as well as for parents and their children to meet, greet, bond and have fun creating unforgettable experiences for our brand loyalists.

Our Core Values.

1. It is a Brand.

2. It is a Community.

3. It is a Culture.

4. It is a Lifestyle.

5. It is Love.

6. It is Belonging.

7. It is Peace.

8. It is Home. Your Daily Obsession!

9. It is Consciousness.

10. It is Power.

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